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NDS can provide the architectural portion of your airport RFP package. We have extensive experience working with concessions firms to win big contracts in dozens of airports nationwide. From 1 store to 48 we can put together all the necessary deliverables to impress the judges and secure real estate for your concepts. NDS goes above and beyond to give our clients a distinct advantage in the judging process.


NDS can take your idea for a new concept and fully develop it to impress developers and concessions managers to win individual spaces. Depending on client needs 1-4 configurations and colorations can be developed and applied to colored perspective renderings and presented to the client team for discussion. Once a direction is identified several rendering views can be created along with a color and material finish palette. Graphics and store names can be developed by NDS to round out the presentation.


NDS can negotiate the winding road to a successful franchise installation. We understand the complicated nature of working with a franchisee while satisfying a franchise owner. A high level of cooperation and coordination is required to build and open a national brand store. NDS is recognized as a preferred architectural vendor by many national franchise operations so there are no surprises along the road to a spectacular grand opening. Some of the franchises that NDS has worked with are Wendy’s, Blackberry, Moe’s, Pandora, Einstein Bros Bagels, Swarovski, Dunkin’ Donuts, and many others. We can follow the stringent requirements demanded by national brands while watching out for our client’s best interests.


NDS can be retained by a national franchise operation to represent its interests so brand standards are maintained and multi-store rollouts are smooth and seamless. Typically under these arrangements NDS acts as the liaison between the potential franchisee and the brand owner. Design information flows from NDS to the franchisee and then back to NDS for approvals and other assistance. Through a proven organizational structure NDS maintains all pertinent information concerning design and documentation requirements freeing up brand owners to expand their empire while satisfying franchise partners. NDS has acted in this capacity for successful brands such as Famous Famiglia, Le Petit Bistro, and Xpres Spa.